Who are we?

Polish Entrepreneurship and Leadership Society (PELS) is an NGO created by a group of ambitious, motivated, and socially engaged people who value self-development. We stand out, and prove that we want to, and can make a change possible, and perseverance is our second name. OUR MISSION Our mission is to create an attitude of leadership, entrepreneurship, creative thinking. We wish to shape civil society by developing teamwork skills and networking, both essential in modern world. We want to focus on gaining substantive knowledge and soft skills, which are an indispensable part of a leader.


  • Motivating the youth through projects in the fields of law, finance and education at regional and international level
  • Undertaking activities for student integration, cooperation, and expanding the network
  • Searching for, and shaping the attitude of young leaders, equipping them with a sense of responsibility for their country
  • Fostering self-development, as well as personal and professional competences of our members
  • Conducting advisory and educational activities


Israel Growth Experience (IGE) is an international project created by students from Poznań, Poland, and focuses on developing awareness and presenting perspectives of Israeli business, education and culture. IGE strives to create a communication bridge that would allow mutual knowledge and experience transfer between students and entrepreneurs in Poland and Israel. One of the goals of the project is to find a common ground that will contribute to achieving synergy created in cooperation with representatives of the Middle East, and strengthen the relationship between Poland and Israel. In 2018 the project was awarded the patronage of the Israeli Embassy. Israel Growth Experience consists of three main parts:

1.Workshops, open lectures and discussion panels that focus on the issues in the indicated areas (business, education, culture). In 2018 over 80 students took part in this phase of the project.

2.A forum, as well as a report about the growth perspectives for Polish companies in Israel and Israeli enterprises in Poland. Moreover, said report will emphasise the role of VCs and development of new technologies.

3.Student exchange with Tel Aviv University, including meetings with:

♦ Young entrepreneurs

♦ Education and culture officials

♦ Global business representatives


The aim of open lectures and workshops is to introduce the issues related to business, culture and education, and create a basis for building international awareness. The topics of the meetings touch upon important aspects related to the prospects of Polish- Israeli cooperation. Thanks to combined efforts of entrepreneurs, representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions, including Poznań University of Economics, those meetings maintain a high substantive level, and at the same time will present the issues in a comprehensive manner. FORUM The next stage of the project is
a Forum devoted to the cooperation between Poland and Israel, focusing on the opportunities in the sector of new technologies.

The event is be a continuation and an extension of 2017 Polish-Israeli Forum “Startups: Israeli experience. Cooperation opportunities”, which was honoured with the presence of Raz Peleg (Mobileye) and Daniela Kandel (Start-up Nation Central). The role of the Forum is to facilitate the exchange of know-how, and create longterm relations between both countries. During the event the speakers – not only the founders and managers of the most renowned Israeli and Polish startups, but also mature corporations – will share their knowledge and experience. The forum is addressed to both entrepreneurs and students of business and technical universities in Poland. REPORT As part of the presented initiative, we plan to prepare a comprehensive report on development perspectives related to the cooperation between Poland and Israel.

The report will focus on key areas of the project, with an emphasis put on the involvement of the new technologies sector, partnership between startups and mature companies, as well as the investment potential of both countries. It will be created thanks to the support of experts from Poland and Israel, and will be published during the forum.


The culmination of the project will be a study trip of Polish students to Tel Aviv, during which they will have the opportunity to meet their peers, as well as young entrepreneurs, education and culture experts, and representatives of global enterprises. The purpose of the trip is to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of Israeli business, education and culture. Moreover, the exchange will contribute to the creation of a communication bridge, allowing future cooperation between countries.


The realisation of the project will only be possible thanks to the establishment of a wider collaboration between economic, academic and government sectors. Israel Growth Experience sees potential for cooperation on both substantive and financial levels. We want this partnership to bring high quality to the whole project, and allow the achievement of maximum benefits for both sides.


♦ Building a communication bridge allowing long-term relations between the countries and creating an in-depth awareness

♦ Simultaneous transfer of knowledge and experiences between students, scientists and entrepreneurs in Poland and Israel

♦ Showing the perspectives and opportunities related to business, culture and education in both countries

♦ Finding common points which will contribute to reaching synergy on the basis of mutual cooperation



CONTACT DETAILS: E-mail: ige@pels.pl

Stowarzyszenie PELS (Polish Entrepreneurship & Leadership Society) powstało w październiku 2017 roku. Celem powstania PELS jest próba integracji wyróżniających się młodych ludzi, którzy pragną się aktywizować.